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6 Photos you Need to take on Christmas Morning [ A Photographer's Weigh in ]

Anticipation, excitement, twinkling lights and squeals of delight are some of the sights and sounds on Christmas morning.  

It's usually a time when the family is snuggled in close; actually getting along... (for the most part), and adults are practically giddy with excitement themselves!  These are the moments we have looked forward to for MONTHS.  These are the moments that need to be captured... the moments you wish time would pause for just a little while longer.

This is where photos come in, of course!  Below, I have a list of 6 photos you NEED to take on Christmas morning.  More than 6 photos will no doubt be taken, but please don't forget these! 

Christmas morning wake-up.  If you have young kids in the house and are anything like mine, they'll be piled in your bed, poking you, jumping around, and trying to shake you awake.  Use this moment to grab them, give them a good tickle and then snap a pic of everyone in bed.  (Bed-heads and all.  This is real life, people!)  *…


So, what is a Planning Session anyway?  Why is it important to have one before our portrait session?  Here are a few answers to some of the questions you might have about this helpful little meet 'n greet!

What is a Planning Session?

A Planning Session is when I come to your home, meet the family, take a look at your wall space and discuss your visions and dreams for your upcoming portrait session. 

Why do I need one?  

This little meet up allows us to get to know each other a little better and helps the kids (especially the littles), warm up to me before the big day.  Also, by showing me your home, I can see your decor and get a better sense of your style since this will greatly affect our location choice and wardrobe.  By showing me your wall space, it helps me create a vision with the best wall arrangement ideas before your portrait session even happens.

Will you help me with what to wear?

Absolutely, one of the most common concerns with families is "What should we wear?"
At this meeting you will receive a welcome packet full of information with a What to Wear Guide included.  I will even be available to go through your closets at that time if you would like the extra help - I'm up for it, if you are! 

Can I see the products you offer?

Of course!  I always bring my bag of samples along so you can touch, feel and see the quality products available for you.

Alright, there you have it!  So essentially, this meeting will help you better prepare for your portrait session and helps me understand your biggest needs for the images that need to be captured.  Of course, if you have any questions between our Planning Session and your portrait day, you can always give me a quick call or send me a message.  I am here to help!

If you'd like to set up a Planning Session for your next portrait experience with me, 

pick up the phone and call me at 226-233-3012


click the "Contact" button in the menu above.

I hope to hear from you soon!