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6 Photos you Need to take on Christmas Morning [ A Photographer's Weigh in ]

Anticipation, excitement, twinkling lights and squeals of delight are some of the sights and sounds on Christmas morning.  

It's usually a time when the family is snuggled in close; actually getting along... (for the most part), and adults are practically giddy with excitement themselves!  These are the moments we have looked forward to for MONTHS.  These are the moments that need to be captured... the moments you wish time would pause for just a little while longer.

This is where photos come in, of course!  Below, I have a list of 6 photos you NEED to take on Christmas morning.  More than 6 photos will no doubt be taken, but please don't forget these! 

Christmas morning wake-up.  If you have young kids in the house and are anything like mine, they'll be piled in your bed, poking you, jumping around, and trying to shake you awake.  Use this moment to grab them, give them a good tickle and then snap a pic of everyone in bed.  (Bed-heads and all.  This is real life, people!)  *…


Hi, my name is Jen! 
Thank you for visiting Life and Love Photography.

I strive to capture images of your family, newborns and other special moments that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Completing the Photography program at Conestoga College has allowed me the opportunity to train under accomplished photographers, adding technical skill to my lifelong love of photography.

As the mother of two sweet girls I have learned the importance of capturing fleeting, precious moments through family portraits.  I love being able to incorporate special items in our sessions as well.  For example, if your little guy will go nowhere without his tattered, well loved stuffie or blankie - let's capture it!  Or, if your daughter insists on wearing a tu-tu everywhere she goes, let's create beautiful images you can show off and add to the decor in her room.  It's the REAL moments we want to capture and remember.

My vision as an artist is to create memories of art and decor for the walls of your home.  With everything turned to digital, it's unfortunate that most of our memories never make it to our walls for display.  I feel there is nothing more welcoming than lovely, sentimental portraits adorning the walls of a family home!

I would love to meet with you to discuss your dreams and visions for your session so you can have beautiful memories of Life and Love on your wall.

So please, send me a message under the "Contact" tab to see if I would be a good fit for your photography needs.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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