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Apple Inn Bed and Breakfast | Wellesley, Ontario

The newly opened Bed and Breakfast is up and running in the rural town of Wellesley, Ontario!    Apple Inn B&B is a short country drive northwest of Kitchener/Waterloo and close to all the local attractions and amenities.  ( I'll list those for you at the bottom of this page.)

I was thrilled to be able to photograph the gorgeous rooms they have to offer and I'll share them with you in a minute.

But first, let me introduce you to the lovely hosts, Marvin and Sheryl!  They are my brother and sister in law so when I tell you they are friendly, genuine, and warm, please believe me.  You will be very well taken care of when you visit.  They are very thorough in collecting all needed information, right down to your dietary needs so you can feel well during your relaxing stay!

Apple Inn offers two separate suites.  The Harvest Suite, located on the main floor level and the Blossom Suite, on the second floor.  Take a look around below... 

Harvest Suite

 Blossom Suite

6 Photos you Need to take on Christmas Morning [ A Photographer's Weigh in ]

Anticipation, excitement, twinkling lights and squeals of delight are some of the sights and sounds on Christmas morning.  

It's usually a time when the family is snuggled in close; actually getting along... (for the most part), and adults are practically giddy with excitement themselves!  These are the moments we have looked forward to for MONTHS.  These are the moments that need to be captured... the moments you wish time would pause for just a little while longer.

This is where photos come in, of course!  Below, I have a list of 6 photos you NEED to take on Christmas morning.  More than 6 photos will no doubt be taken, but please don't forget these! 

  1.  Christmas morning wake-up.  If you have young kids in the house and are anything like mine, they'll be piled in your bed, poking you, jumping around, and trying to shake you awake.  Use this moment to grab them, give them a good tickle and then snap a pic of everyone in bed.  (Bed-heads and all.  This is real life, people!)  *Tip:  A tripod set up the night before will make it quick and painless... or if it's not possible, have one person jump out of bed to take a photo.  You could even take a photo of all your feet peeking out from under the blankets....get creative!  (Of course a good old selfie will do too.)
  2. Christmas morning tradition.  Does Dad make his famous fluffy pancakes for breakfast?  Do you have a special Christmas brunch?  Do you read the Christmas Story together?  Do you all receive a pair of pajamas?  What about wild and crazy Christmas socks?  Whatever it is, take time to snap a photo of your tradition.
    Christmas morning excitement.  You can almost "hear" it in this photo! 
  3.  Pre-gift opening.  I love, love, LOVE getting photos of the girls holding their gifts before they are opened!  Have them in front of the tree, on the couch, or wherever you'd like.  The giggles, squished noses, and twinkles in their eyes are priceless and so darn cute!  Capture that.  Nothing beats this moment.
  4. The Action.  Arms flailing, wrapping paper flying, and the sheer shock and surprise on their faces when they see their gifts is fantastic.  *Tip:  If you have more than one child, have them open them one at a time so you can capture their reactions separately.    
  5. The Mess.  After such an eventful gift opening session, there is no doubt a mess strewn all over the floor!  Ribbons, bows, wrapping paper, and stockings.  The kids are surrounded by it all.  *Tip:  Take a few steps back.  Capture the whole scene.  It's a sight to see and definitely has a story to tell!  Use this time to take photos of what everyone has received if you wish.
  6. Loved ones.  Are the kids Grandparents with you?  Have loved ones traveled a distance to be with you all?  Take a group shot.  Snuggle in close and capture the day you are all together.  This is life... this is love... and it's all in one place at one time.  Consider yourselves blessed.
There is so much more that can be captured during the Christmas morning excitement but if there's one piece of advice I can give you to capture it better, it's this:  

Take a step back.  

Taking a few steps back and then clicking the shutter will allow you to see the big picture when it's all said and done.  Close-up's are fun and certainly needed at times but let's capture the story... the surroundings, loved ones, and excitement from a few steps back.  (Or a wide angle lens if you want to get technical!)  You'll be thankful you did in a few years from now.

I hope these 6 must have photo tips will help you capture your best Christmas yet!
Happy snapping and have a safe and happy Christmas!

  P.S.  Still looking for the perfect Christmas gift?  

We are offering a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE deal on Gift Certificates.  

Buy one gift certificate for the regular price of $275 and get the second one free!
Keep one for yourself and give the other away... or give both away as gifts.  

Offer available for 3 days only and
to the first 5 people who contact me.   
Expires:  Monday, December 17, 2018

Covers session fee only. Prints and Products extra.
- Terms and Conditions Apply - 

Call:  226-233-3012 for details.



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