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Apple Inn Bed and Breakfast | Wellesley, Ontario

The newly opened Bed and Breakfast is up and running in the rural town of Wellesley, Ontario!    Apple Inn B&B is a short country drive northwest of Kitchener/Waterloo and close to all the local attractions and amenities.  ( I'll list those for you at the bottom of this page.)

I was thrilled to be able to photograph the gorgeous rooms they have to offer and I'll share them with you in a minute.

But first, let me introduce you to the lovely hosts, Marvin and Sheryl!  They are my brother and sister in law so when I tell you they are friendly, genuine, and warm, please believe me.  You will be very well taken care of when you visit.  They are very thorough in collecting all needed information, right down to your dietary needs so you can feel well during your relaxing stay!

Apple Inn offers two separate suites.  The Harvest Suite, located on the main floor level and the Blossom Suite, on the second floor.  Take a look around below... 

Harvest Suite

 Blossom Suite


Throughout the year, I like to highlight local businesses that I think you as my clients and readers, would appreciate knowing about.  A few months ago, I shared a boutique clothing business located in downtown Elmira, ON called, L.A Beauty Boutique.

Today, I introduce to you Jen Carver, a Canine Massage Therapist and Certified Laser Therapist who helps canines overall well-being and manage pain due to injuries or disease.  

How we Met

Jen and I (I happen to be Jen as well), met through the Kitchener Pet Expo as vendors this past Spring.  It's been entertaining to see how many things are in common between the two of us since then.  When we first met, we laughed because my husband Craig, met  Jen's husband who also happens to be Craig at the Expo as well.  It was great!  I can't say I've ever met another married couple who shares our names, to be honest.  

Then, when I went to do a little photo session at her home, I realized we have the same interior layout and our houses were built around the same year.  We both have grey tile floors, ugly old oak kitchen cupboards (I'm allowed to say this because she thinks the same!) and a curved staircase in the entry.  The more we talk, it seems the more we have in common.  It's been weird and awesome all at the same time!

About Canine Pain Relief

Today, I'll share with you a short interview with Jen about her business, Canine Pain Relief, along with a few photos of her in action on the job.

Jen, doing therapy with her dog, Vada in her backyard.

Interview with Jen Carver from Canine Pain Relief

What Types of treatments do you offer and who benefits most?

I do Massage-  for well-being, reduce pain such as recovery from an injury or  surgery and it's great for arthritis pain, also do warm up and cool down massages for sporting dogs. Massage helps to reduce muscle tension, knots and tightness in the muscles. Massage is great for dogs with soft tissue injuries and dogs with gait abnormalities as well as arthritis.

Laser Therapy-  for pain relief and speeds up healing and decreases swelling/inflammation- great for arthritis, after surgery to speed healing and reduce swelling, and for wounds to help them heal quicker. Laser is non painful, and some patients fall asleep during treatments. It only takes 1 to 6 minutes per site to treat on average.

Osteoarthritis Management-  Here I provide rehabilitation exercises for dogs with arthritis to strengthen the muscles that support the joints. I also provide education on diet, supplements and medication.

Other services:  Weight loss, in-home assessments to make sure the house is set up to support the needs of arthritic dogs, muscle measurements and range of motion measurements-for dogs recovering from surgery, injury and dogs with arthritis.
I will soon be offering full rehabilitation services for dogs recovering from all sorts of injuries. I am halfway through my Canine Rehabilitation Course with the University of Tennessee.

*All of my services are by referral from a Veterinarian only, and the Veterinarian receives a report on each therapy session.

Can I just give my dog pain medication?

All of my treatments can be, and are often done with the added benefit of pain medication. This is medication that has been prescribed by the Veterinarian only. I do not recommend that people offer their dogs Advil or Tylenol as these can be hazardous to your pet.  Often my treatments reduce the amount of medication the pet requires to take and sometimes eliminates the need to take the medication. Or, if the medication is not doing a good enough job in reducing the pain, then massage, laser and rehab exercises are a great way to add increased pain relief without adding more drugs which can be hard on the pet's liver and kidneys. Also, there are herbals that are great for reducing pain, however these should always be discussed with the Veterinarian before starting them as they can have drug interactions or may not be suitable for your pet.

Do you treat pets in the home? 

Yes! I treat people's pets in the comfort of their own home. This is often beneficial for pet's who are too nervous, or too painful to make the trip to the clinic. It also works well for people's busy schedules or who may not have transportation or are unable to drive. 

I do also offer services in clinics for when pet's are recovering from procedures at the clinic, such as laser therapy on spay and neuter incisions or post-op orthopedic surgeries. Sometimes the pet feels happier being treated at the clinic too!

What are some simple ways I can reduce my dog's pain starting today?  

First and foremost, always see your dog's Veterinarian to see where the pain is coming from and what it is caused by. If your pets pain is a result of arthritis, or some form of joint condition, I always tell clients to make sure their pet is at it's proper weight. People are often amazed how much easier their pet can move around once they drop a couple pounds if they are carrying extra weight. 

Other options are learning some basic massage techniques and where to massage your dog from a trained pet massage therapist. This will allow you to provide some pain relief- even joint conditions lead to pain in the muscles as they shift their weight to other areas of the body to reduce weight placement on the painful joint.

Also, if dealing with arthritis it is always important to keep those joints moving! I always suggest 2 walks a day and stick to a length of time where your pet doesn't become sore the next day. The key with arthritis is frequent, low intensity, shorter duration exercise. No weekend warrior stuff!

Jen, treating a clients dog with laser therapy.  Pictured on the yellow therapy ball is Captain, with Dr. Gerriet Ashby at Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital

A little more about Jen

"I am a Registered Veterinary Technician of 16 years. I worked at the Ontario Veterinary College for many years doing anesthesia. I decided to get into animal rehabilitation after going through my own therapy. I received my certificate in canine massage from the Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy a few years ago and I am also certified in Laser therapy through AIMLA and I am a Certified Canine Osteoarthritis Case Manager through the University of Tennessee. I am continuing my studies with the University of Tennessee to achieve my Certification in Canine Rehabiliation."

Take a look at her website for contact information and more!

After following Jen and photographing her while she worked, I can say that 
she will put your pet at ease and treat him/her with incredible patience and exceptional care.  She takes her time and does each treatment thoroughly and carefully.  

Contact Jen today at Canine Pain Relief if you have any questions about how she can maintain your dogs overall sense of well-being or reduce any discomfort your dog may have! 



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